Thursday, June 12, 2008


I haven’t written for a while. It’s always easy to get out of the habit of posting, and I am really bad about it. Signs of the ongoing decline of our society are all around us, from the $4+ gas to the number of foreclosures.

My neighbor across the street was foreclosed on today. She’s a single mom, lost her job a couple of months ago and has been having a hard time. She’s been trying to make arrangements with the bank to give her a bit of time but this morning the sheriff showed up, foreclosure and eviction notice in hand, with the goon squad at his heels. Here they aren’t required to give you any time to vacate the premises –not 24 hours, not 48, not 72, and certainly not 30 days as in some places. No, they can order you to leave immediately and have goons enforce it. Which was what they did. Several big guys simply went in once the sheriff handed her the paper and began throwing all their stuff out on the lawn. They were none to gentle about it either –broke a bunch of stuff. What kind of society have we become that allows such callousness without a second thought?


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