Thursday, March 29, 2007

Water Rationing This Way Cometh

I talked to a friend at a party tonight who's in a position to know such things. It's not public yet, but if the drought doesn't break by the beginning of the summer the whole area is going to be put on water rationing. The groundwater table has gone down by 18 inches in the last year -and that's not counting the dams. Some of the tributaries may run dry later this year without enough rain to refill them. There are counties that are 40 inches below normal rain fall levels.

If they go to water-rationing, guess what will get banned? Car washes, and watering lawns and gardens. I couldn't give a hoot about the first two (I've never watered my lawn) but there's no way I could stop watering my garden. I eat out of that thing, for goodness sake!

It looks like I'd better move up the rain barrels and the grey water system* on my list of things to get. Like, all the way to the top.

*said grey water system, at least at first, will be buckets to catch shower water, dish water, and washer water.

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