Wednesday, June 18, 2008

This Year's Garden

Between the food, credit, and energy crisis, gardening makes more sense than ever this year. Here's what's growing in my garden right now:
Three kinds of summer squash: zucchini, yellow crookneck, and white patty pan
Two kinds of garlic and two kinds of onions
Swiss chard
Pole beans, almost ready to harvest
Three kinds of peppers: Green bell, cayenne and sweet bananna. I harvested my first cayenne peppers last week.
Ichiban eggplants.
Several tomatoes: Yellow Brandywine, Arkansas Traveler, Roma, Cherokee Purple, German Johnson Pink, Yellow Pear, and Gold Nugget. I've all ready harvested some of the Gold Nugget and the Romas are coming into production.
I'm about to put in my pumpkins and watermelons.

One weird outlier: I have a corn plant growing out of the middle of one of my compost heaps. Its nearly as tall as I am now, and I don't have the heart to cut it down. Yes, I'm weird.

Speaking of weird, we've had weird weather all year. Warm, cold, warm, cold. The first couple of weeks of June were in the upper 90s here. Now, we've always had a few days in June over ninety, maybe even one or two in a row. But two weeks in the upper 90s???? Now it's cooled off, and last night the temps drifted down to the lower 50s. Climate change, anyone?


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