Monday, October 06, 2008

Watching the world tank

I know that is wrong of me to watch the 700 point drop in the Dow today with glee, but I am human after all and just can’t help it. After being forced to watch the looting of the lower classes and the pillaging of the earth for so long, it feels good to view what may finally be the unraveling of it all. Yes, I am well aware of the pain and hardship that will result from this and feel guilty over my feelings, but as I said, I am merely human. My dog may think differently, but I know better. ;-)

Autumn is here in the southeast. We had our first ‘cold’ spell last week. It got down into the 40s at night –and yes, here that is considered cold. Then it rocketed back up into the 90s a day or two later. I harvested my last watermelons just before the snap hit. One was slightly overripe and one slightly underripe, but the latter was edible. There is a secret to harvesting watermelons at just the right time and I still haven’t gotten it quite down. As I sat there eating that watermelon (these are small watermelons, I should point out) it occurred to me that it doesn’t much matter what happens on Wall Street as long as I have a roof over my head and food on the table.

For those who are reading this and are thinking of last minute just-in-case preparations to make, here are some things to consider getting:
-Vitamins. These are invaluable in a crisis situation.
-Toothbrushes and toothpaste. Huh? Yes, I wrote that correctly. Dental hygiene is important, especially when you can’t get to a dentist. A minor annoyance right now (like an abscessed tooth) can quickly become fatal without treatment. The best thing to do is not to let it happen to begin with.
-Baking supplies. Never underestimate the value of a chocolate chip cookie when the world has gone to pot.
-Alcohol (the drinkable kind). Even if you don’t drink, alcohol = money in most crises.
-More rice and beans. You can donate them to the food pantry later if you don’t use them.

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Anonymous murph said...

lol Don't forget a van load of TP and soap.

10/06/2008 11:15 PM  

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