Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I have fruit trees!

I took another big step on the road forward today. My main goals are to live more simply, more sustainably, and more self-sufficiency. I would like nothing more to live on 5 or 10 acres with a big garden, a cow, some chickens, and an orchard. And an old colonial style farmhouse. With a bunch of children playing in the front yard, lol. I hope that dream will come true someday. But it will be at least 10 years before I can move onto my farm, so for now I am determined to figure out how to accomplish my goals as much as I can where I am at now.

Towards that end I have been working on all things detailed at length in this blog: gardening, Compacting, etc. Well I have been thinking for some time how much I love fruit. It’s very expensive and I try to only buy it locally and in season. Peaches and apples are my favorite tree fruits, but I also love raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries. I got to looking around my property and realized that I have more than enough room in the back for berry bushes and in the front for a couple of small trees. So, I researched the matter, and then went to the nursery today at lunch and bought two semi-dwarf fruit trees. One is a Golden Delicious apple tree, and the other is Belle of Georgia peach. They are both self-pollinating and will only grow to about 12 feet. I’m going to plant them this weekend and in a couple of years I will have my own fruit! They weren’t very expensive either, less than 20 bucks each! So, for less than the price of going to the movies with a friend, I bought a fruit tree! In the spring I think I will get a few raspberry and blackberry bushes for the back.


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