Monday, December 18, 2006

A Stand I Must Take

As if I didn’t have enough on my plate right now, I am (figuratively) going to war tomorrow. I got a certified letter today from the Huntsville Urban Planning Commission. The owner of the 420 acres of woodlands next to me is wanting to cut it all down and put in another tacky McMansion subdivision. 420 acres of old growth forest cut down to make way for that monstrosity. This will mean the loss of all that wildlife habitat, including the nesting grounds of the red tailed hawks that annoyed me so much earlier this year. (And now I’m about to fight to save them, go figure.)

Anyway, the commission votes on whether or not to approve the subdivision tomorrow night. I will be there of course. And intend to cause all the trouble I can in the meantime. There’s a public comment line that will be open from 8 to 5 CST again tomorrow. If anyone wants to comment (it doesn’t matter that you don’t live here really, comments are comments and PR is PR) the number is 256-427-5100. The subdivision is R/S of Terry Properties.

I’ll doubt I’ll win this fight. Certainly not tomorrow. But I’ll definitely be able to tie it up in litigation long enough that they come out scarred with a massive migraine.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Ras, do not know if i am doing this right or not, a little new at the blog game, you were asking about my whereabouts and i thought i would drop in and offer my vibes to your plight.
i'm probably the worlds oldest hippie and just had both hips replaced and am trying to figure out what to do with the new body.
You know land ownership is as alien to me as any belief system and tearing mother earth apart the way humans do for the bullshit that is made of it really develops a powerful rage in this one at times, but i have learned to channel that rage into making cookies or some other wonderful earth shattering event.

Wish i had some real ideas for helping you with this really distressing story but can't come up with one iota of any fucking thing, and that distresses me.
All i can do is send good thoughts and see the situation turning out alright for you.

Don't know how you arrived at Cyclone's place but glad you did, hell i don't even know how i got there its been so long, could go back through archives i guess but i'm a lazy fuck too so i guess thats probably out also, anyway you have thrown in with an amazing bunch of people and the love you find there is as real as anyplace i've been for a good long while.
i am a registered Native American of the Cherokee Nation same as Stoney and you probably have guessed that we speak more from the heart then the mind even though Stoney is one really smart mother fucker, i flunked school when ever i got the chance and lit out on my own to see what life could teach me and believe me theres a hellova lot to learn once you get away from the brain dead control freaks that are supposed to be the enlightener of childhood endeavor, man when i use to be able to hate at will they were first on the list, right after police then religious puke bags, then politicians and then noisy neighbors. i actually had a big list but you know a person can't live a life of blaming stuff on other people so i've trimmed it down to essential hatred and have way more friends and peace of mind now that the years of looking inside to see whats available there has paid off plenty.
Love life and it loves back, strange thing huh? Sucks that it took so long to see that but better late then never, right?

i can see right now to much organic shade grown hand picked by Don Juan of questionable ethics coffee is kicking in and i must run.

Really good to make your acquaintance Ras, hope it all turns out for you, you sound like a really deserving person.
Montana Freeman

12/21/2006 11:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ras, Rebeca? What a pretty name, hope all is going well with your neighbor from hell, although it would take a good amount of miracle to forestall the braindead fuck you have for a next door neighbor and its activities,have you tried to chat with this person that is so intent upon destroying whats left of this pitiful earth mother?
Maybe a coalition or the willing could be rounded up to buy the property and have it put in perpetuity as an ecosystem that needs to be saved?
That might be a good idea,its like theres not enough money laying around in little ole ladies closets and such that love birds!!!

I will pass this around on the blog site to my friends there that i know their email addresses and see if i can get some feedback , hang in there girl the troops are on their way.

Touch me at


12/26/2006 1:31 PM  
Anonymous Liz said...

hey. sorry i haven't been on fuuse much lately. how are you? how did this woodland thing work out? is it over yet? as much as anything is ever over, that is. ;)

thinking of you.

peace and love,

12/30/2006 8:27 AM  

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