Monday, May 14, 2007


I had a busy weekend here at the homestead. Saturday morning I planted a whole bunch of wildflowers out in front of my place. I have two long stretches of grass out by the road that are hard to mow, and since I’m trying to phase out the lawn anyway (and the mowing) I decided to plant wildflowers there. I got a box of wildflower seed cheap. It has everything from calendulas to daisies to foxgloves in it. I mowed the grass down real low, dug out all the weeds that I could, and then scattered the seed across the area. Then, I went back and forth over the grass tamping down as much of the seed as I could. While I was out there doing this, several of my neighbors came by, either driving or taking their morning walk or jog. Every one of them looked at me like they thought that I am either crazy or mentally handicapped. Or both. ;-) Oh well.
Saturday afternoon I went to the artist market, as usual. That evening I was supposed to mow the lawn, but I had a message on the machine that one of my friends’ two year old daughter was in the hospital having seizures. So I spent the evening at the hospital with her. The little one is all right (for now) but they don’t know what caused it. The pediatric neurologist refused to come in to see her because it was Saturday. My opinion of that man is not printable.
Sunday was devoted to church and yard work. I got most of the lawn mowed and got my sunflowers planted. And I harvested half my peas! All four of them. The plants got stunted by the bad frost we had. I was surprised to have any at all, so hey, I’ll take what I can get. I have raspberries and early tomatoes coming on as well. My pole beans are reaching for the sky and my okra has sprouted. Yay for gardening!

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