Thursday, July 12, 2007

Minor Miracles

I know that the world has gone to hell in a handbasket, when I wake up, turn on the radio, and hear stories about car bombs, war, murders, and people suffering everywhere, and I all I can think is “Same old shit.” Then things get worse when I have to deal with other minor, and no so minor, irritations: my financial aid check being almost a week late, the oil leak in my car, the invasion of ants into my house, a broken a/c, flat tires, incompetent people working in a profession where incompetence can literally ruin people’s lives.

It’s things such as this that make me want to throw my hands in the air and say “Screw it! It’s all hopeless anyway!” That’s when I need to sit down and remember those minor miracles in life that make it all worthwhile. Here’s some of them:

-waking up to the sound of rain on the roof for the first time in over a year.
-the smell of fresh baked bread
-cookies still warm from the oven
-a good book
-squash. You plant a seed the size of your thumbnail and six weeks later its coming out of your ears
-birds at the birdfeeder every morning
-sunrise and sunset
-a full moon riding shepherd on the earth and casting pale light on the world below
-3 complete strangers, teenagers dressed like gangbangers, stopping at sunset on the 4th of July to help an old lady and her granddaughter change a flat tire

What are some of your minor miracles that make it easier for you to keep going amidst the chaos of collapse?



Blogger ~~ Christian Faith ~~ said...

The smile of my almost 3 month old baby. It is the best!

7/13/2007 4:26 PM  
Anonymous deliberately said...

Great post. And you're right, the miracles are everywhere.

7/14/2007 7:15 AM  
Blogger Brian said...


saw your comments on the archdruid blog post-peak fiction piece.

just wanted to let you know that there is a cadre of peak oil people down here in tuscaloosa. mostly students of various types.

i just thought you might like to know in case it should come in handy.

my email is brianb.russell (at)


7/16/2007 10:19 AM  

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