Thursday, May 07, 2009

When it rains, it pours

In more ways than one. I apologize for my silence; I have been busy getting ready to move. Unfortuanately, the sale of my house got scuttled at the last minute so it appears that I am going nowhere fast.

As far as the other kind of rain, we've been getting LOTS of it. Yesterday we got four inches. No, that is not for the entire week; that is for yesterday alone. We've had about three times that in total for the past week. Today it is mostly dry, but tomorrow it is supposed to rain again. My garden is surviving (barely) but a lot of them have been washed out. Many of the crops -those that were planted -have been as well. We've gone from drought to flooding in the space of a couple of months.

But climate change isn't real. Naw.