Saturday, June 27, 2009


I made pickles on Monday. Sweet and sour pickle chips. It was fun, and incredibly easy. The pickles look so pretty in the jars. Just seeing them makes me smile. I used the recipe in the Ball Blue Book. It will take six weeks for them to fully cure, but then I will have pickles to last for a year.

I spent an afternoon making pickles and I have enough to last a year. Take that, Monsanto.

One more skill I've learned. I've now canned jam, tomatoes, and pickles. I've also dehydrated and frozen lots of fruits and vegetables. Every thing I do and learn to do is one more step on the path to self-sufficiency and food security. And pickles look might pretty, too, especially when you've made them yourself. :)

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Blogger Meadowlark said...

I made pickles the other day. 2-day pickles that I "officially" canned and a batch of refrigerator pickles that'll be ready in two weeks and a mini-batch of asian-inspired (mint, rice wine vinegar etc) refrigerator pickles.

Doesn't it rock when you look at the stuff you've canned yourself? I love that feeling!

6/27/2009 3:06 PM  

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