Friday, March 20, 2009

Today is Ostara

Today is Ostara, the spring equinox. Once more night and day, light and darkness, are in precise balance. After today the days will gradually get longer until we reach the summer solstice and then they will slowly shorten again until we reach the fall equinox. The cycle will repeat, as it has done for millennium upon millennium, and will continue to do for many, many more.

The Crone (winter) passes away today and the Maiden (spring) is born. The Light half of the year –the planting, growing half –begins today. Light and darkness, forever in balance. Without one, the other cannot exist. Life comes from death, just as death comes from life. Now is the time of the year to grow, to plant, to change. It is good luck to start a project on Ostara. Spring is here, so make the most of it. Go outside and play. Spring is here!

P.S. I’m planting my greens today. Yay!

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Blogger SoapBoxTech said...

Spring came here in the form of a lovely blizzard. Temps around -25C after windchill and my parents were drifted in again.

The Maiden fights hard upon birth here but, thankfully, continues to survive.

3/31/2009 12:45 PM  

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