Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Unusual Incident

I had an interesting/annoying experience the other evening. I got accosted by one of those kids selling stuff to raise funds for his school. I'm used to this, and I have to turn them down. Mostly because I don't have the kind of budget to spend ten bucks on one roll of wrapping paper, but also because I know that only a dollar or two of that goes to the school. I'd rather just make a ten dollar donation to the school. But anyway, this experience was unique. I'm used to having them knock on my door a few times a year, and to having my coworkers bring catalogs and such to work. But this kid came up to me at the gas station, of all places! And it wasn't even a normal street side station, this was the members only station of my warehouse store! Have they gotten that desperate to sell this stuff or what? The last thing I want is someone coming up to me at the gas pump for anything, much less to try and sell me something. I was polite to the child of course, but I was also completely shocked.

In other news, I'm having a garage sale in a couple of weeks to try and unload all my clutter. Yay! Goodbye clutter.


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