Monday, January 08, 2007

2007 Goals

I got a lot of things accomplished over the Holidays. With school being out I had more time to focus on my green living commitment. I learned how to make homemade bread around the beginning of December. I used the Beginner’s Bread recipe from Hillbilly Housewife. I was surprised how easy it was. I figured it would be a long, drawn out process. But it was relatively simple, and the bread came out fluffy and soft –far better than any store bought kind! I didn’t have a bread pan so I used a casserole dish and made a round loaf. Then one of my best friends bought me a loaf pan for Christmas. This wasn’t any cheap one either –this is one of the kind that you’d pay fifty bucks for at Penney’s, on sale. I was aghast at first, because I didn’t want anyone to spend that kind of money on me (or buy me something new, period). He knew about me pledge for the Compact and everything, so I was a little upset. But he was pulling a gag on me; when he saw how upset I was he grinned and handed me his receipt. From Goodwill. Cost: $2.

I have some really good friends.

I was also able to declutter some more and spend some quality time with all my friends. I tried to find a way to keep my lab out of the compost pile, but it seems an impossible goal at this point. I planned the garden and ordered most of my seeds. I have some broccoli seeds and some cool weather flowers I intend to plant in my windowsill greenhouse today or tomorrow. Down here broccoli can be planted anytime from October to March, because it has to be harvested before the Southern summer really gets going.

And yesterday I quit my job. I was only there for a month. I loved the job itself, but I hated the company policies. I came down with a real bad cold last week that has turned into a full case of bronchitis. Yesterday I wanted to go home, and they wouldn’t let me. Either work or quit, they told me. So I quit. I am NOT a piece of property, and will not be chewed up and spit out by the corporate machine like so many others have been. But now it’s back to pounding the pavement, looking for another job.

School starts today. I’m looking forward to it, despite being sick. I just dragged myself out of bed a little while ago just so I could go. Luckily I just have orientation today and not a full class; I know I couldn’t sit through a three hour lecture feeling like this. I shouldn’t go at all, as I am still running a fever and am technically contagious, but if I don’t go to orientation I can’t take classes.

So what are my goals for this year? I have several, some of which are more or less related to my sustainability quest.
1.) Continue working on my Master’s degree. I anticipate graduating in the Spring of 2009 at this point.
2.) Get rid of my lawn. I am keeping a small section of it in the back, for the dogs to run and play on, but am getting rid of the entire front lawn. I am converting it into a mixture of food and flowers, with an emphasis on habitat for birds and butterflies.
3.) Expand my garden. I’ll be starting on this soon. I want to make three or four more raised beds and a section for corn. I will almost be completely self-sufficient in food production by this time next year, if everything works out. Knock on wood! I say almost because there are things I can’t grow myself where I’m at: eggs, milk, wheat, coffee, and the like. I’d like to get some chickens, but not yet.
4.) Expand my crafts business. I make all-natural, environmentally friendly soaps and lotions. I’m trying to find a way to sell them online, as well as expand my local customer base.
5.) Find and pursue other ways of reducing my footprint on the planet, one step at a time.


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Pretty interesting goals u have set for this year.... best wishes so that u successfully reach out to your goals.... hope u overcome the bad health and get well soon.... & surely u should try spend joyous and quality time with your good friends.... well sometime u can drop by My blog and let me know if you find it interesting...!!!

1/09/2007 6:19 AM  

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