Monday, June 23, 2008

To The Last Drop

So, let's look at how desperate our country is for oil. We've invaded one country to get their supplies. There's sabre rattling over Iran, and I doubt its because of their nuclear program (which all the intelligence says can't make a bomb anyhow). There's a move to drill in the most environmentally sensitive areas of the world, where the slightest mistake (perhaps even just the mere presence of such equipment) would be an utter disaster. We've created an ecological nightmare out of Alberta and some want to repeat that in North Dakota. None of this even takes into account the disaster (and ecological travesty) that is ethanol, both sugar and corn based. And for what? A thick black liquid that is the biological remains of long-dead algal blooms.

A liquid which is also poisonous, which heats the planet, which destroys the enviornment whenever it gets loose and is just nasty in every sense of the word.

Can anyone say addiction? This is the classic behavior of an addict. We will do anything we need to -kill, destroy property, sell off everything we own, even foul our own nests -just to get another fix of this nasty black liquid. What is wrong with us? Can't we see what we are doing?

I have to get to work. I have to go to the store. I have to take the kids to soccer practice, or band, or ballet. And all of that requires that I use gasoline made from oil. That is the refrain we tell ourselves. And yet -look at the results of this lifestyle that is 'non-negotiable'. This lifestyle is destroying the very planet on which we depend for our lives, and our children's lives.

But it is non-negotiable? Again, I bring up the addiction argument. Only an addict would risk their children's very lives for their own selfish short-term comfort. For that is, in the end, what we are doing. When our actions are phrased in such a fashion, it is hard to argue that going to the store everyday or band camp is a requirement. It is hard to see what we are doing as anything but a crime and a sin. I do not use those labels lightly, as I have been accused of "sinning" so many times for doing nothing to hurt anybody that I could vomit. In my book, the only 'sin' is something that harms another. And that is just what we are doing. We are harming ourselves, our planet, our children, by this addiction to oil. And when someone points out that we are addicted we act like spoiled children and scream about our 'right' to use the oil, how we 'need' it, and how no one should be able to say otherwise.

Nor am I any better than anyone else in this race. I too am still addicted to fossil fuels. But its time to break the addiction. Its time to stop this madness. For ourselves, for our planet, and for our children. After all, in the final analysis it will be them we answer too. How are we going to explain this to them?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, the good news, is that I feel like you are reading my mind. About oil, cars and our whole petrol dependent "Mind Set." Understanding the what and how this car centric behavior is being driven is critical. Thank the advertisers for this:

Also known as basal mass mind manipulation. Not very cool stuff to say the least. Getting people to realize the power of media, especially in the realm of their dear old ego merchant provider, T.V. that shapes their wants and tribal lusts, is part of the problem.

So, we are in a huge attitude adjustment period, where pricing of fuel, is causing much questioning of the norm. Painful as it may be, people will be looking for doorways out of the crisis chaos. Some people say that gasoline needs to hit $5.00 per gallon to begin the exodus of having to have a cool car to be, well cool. The day of the private "Cocoon" mobile to the road of freedom(?) and independence is hitting the global economic wall. Crash course is more like it. But seen coming for a very long time.

I lived in Europe for two years and was car free and loved it. Came back to the states and got a bicycle in early 2000, and got tired of having beer bottles thrown at me while being eco-sensitive.

So I have been hanging back and watching the chaos develop, and now the anger as peoples ego-mobiles are draining their bank accounts, and coming to harsh terms that their world does not revolve around their precious 2 ton chariots anymore.

All, I can say right now is that being calm, and offering windows of alternative living is a real blessing. Spoiled children, don't like having to grow up, but that is not the way the world is "NOW" working.

What worries me, and yes, I say worry, is what and how people will respond to "Rationing" and this comes in light of a heavily convenience driven society, where people think there is a magic gasoline fairies that delivers everything, including their cheap golden arches food. Magic and global economic do not mix well.

Where we go from here is a tough challenge, but it is picking up speed. And folks like you are leading the way. Thank god!

I am spending a lot of time developing the built in mind/spirit "Empathy" tool. We are going to need a lot of it. And hopefully this is one place we as a civilization can evolve towards. Plus getting our brains cleared from all the trash placed there by a consumer based economy. Ciao Wal Mart. Buenos dias walking mart.

It is all about the mind...


6/23/2008 3:38 PM  

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