Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rain, Rain, and more rain

Fay is moving through my area. We got a few of the outer rain bands on Sunday, and then the rain began on earnest about noon yesterday. It still hasn't stopped and isn't supposed to until after midnight tonight. It is coming down at just the right rate; not to fast and not too slow. The ground, still parched from the drought, is absorbing it. I could see the trees perk up when the first rain came through on Sunday. The drought isn't as bad this year as it has been the last two; it seems to be breaking up slowly but surely. Which is a good thing.

One thing that has struck me the past couple of days is the number of people complaining about the rain. Everywhere I go, somone is complaining and wishing it was over and sunny again. Even people who should know better, like my pagan meeting group and a bunch of environmentalists I know. We're in a drought and they are complaining about rain. No, we're not getting it like they did in Florida -four inches or so is what the forecasters say. And yet people are complaining.

This the measure of how disconnected we have become from the world -that we complain about the rain in the middle of a drought. We need this rain, some of us desperately, but people are just complaining but it puts a crimp in their plans. Admittedly, I used to not care much for rainy days either. I thought they were cold and depressing. Now I welcome the rain -for what it does for me, my land, my garden, and the earth itself. I went outside earlier and just stood, letting the light rain was over me, and felt completely content.

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Blogger Anita said...

We're getting lots of lovely rain, too, here in WNC (Asheville); an inch and a half so far since yesterday midday. We hustled and got the winter garden in; hopefully it will do better than the summer one! Things are SO dry here. We're hoping for a wet fall and winter, to replenish the water table a bit.

8/26/2008 10:17 AM  
Blogger Kati said...

While we haven't had the problems with drought here, I can appreciate how it feels to look at the complaints of rain, and wonder at the sense of the folks complaining. We've had an overly wet & cool summer, with it only feeling like summer (during the warmest part of the day) the second and third weeks of August. Already our leaves are turning color, though, and our gardens dying from frosty night temps. It's being predicted that we're going to have a hard, cold winter this year, and yet the usual wild berries and such that the bears would be eatting (and, humans picking for winter breads & goodies) have been non-existant.

At the same time as all this early cold, and wet, cold summer.... Our irises bloomed VERY late, well after the roses had already bloomed, and I just saw two VERY late roses blooming yesterday. Mother Nature has gone crazy (much as many of us have known she would), but what's been most crazy is that even those who don't believe in climate change (or Mother Nature) can see how FUBAR things have become.

8/28/2008 1:47 PM  
Anonymous murph said...


FUBAR? lol. No faith in technology uh? Guess we are in a small minority. Everyone is looking for technology to save us from ourselves.

We live in central OR. Been more rain this summer than past 4 years that we've been here. Garden got zapped with cold and also our small greenhouse died off, just one night of not paying attention. So we are busting our asses harvesting what we can and getting it preserved for winter. Hard to grow food here. sigh.

8/28/2008 3:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

FUBAR. My head hurts from all of our new language migration.

Yep, interesting how so many people do not want inconvenient realities to "Rain" on their parades. Nature is an amazing reminder that she is not going away, nor do we have control over her.

The Gulf of Mexico states are about to get reminded again about the power of Nature with Hurricane Gustav...

8/28/2008 4:12 PM  

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