Monday, December 01, 2008


But first things first -it's snowing! Not a lot, but it is still surprising. None of it is sticking and it is slowly converting into slushy ice but waking up to find snow coming out of the sky here in Alabama is a momentous event. It has snowed twice here in the past six years, both time in the deepest part of winter. We have all ready been having a harder winter than usual and this is just icing on the cake.

Back to the actual subject of the post. I am slowly purging everything I don't need and that isn't actually useful. For instance, I am getting rid of most of my dvds. I will keep a few -my favority movies, but that is it. I've never owned a lot of them but when I am done I will only have a handful. I am also getting rid of my old playstation. It still works, but I haven't played it in years so why am I still hauling it around?

Some things I am not purging include my books (save for a very few) and my cds (I will give up my cds when they turn into expensive coasters and nothing else). It feels good to be letting go of the excess.

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Anonymous murph said...

Yeh, I know about purging, or at least trying. Very difficult for me. Usually when I lighten the load, within a relatively short time I sure nuff wish I had some of it back. Of course it was stuff that I thought I would never have a use for. sigh.

12/05/2008 1:48 AM  

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