Monday, January 12, 2009


I have been looking long and hard at my options for moving forward in the past few months. For some time I have been considering a move to a different region of the country and I have finally concluded that it is not going to happen. I would have a very hard time supporting myself in either the northwest or the northeast, and I would have to give up all hope of ever owning my own land. I could buy an entire farm here for the price of an acre or two in most places. I’m also a child of summer and am not sure I could live someplace where winter temps often dip into the minus scale. And yes, there are bad things here in the south but there are good things too –we have incredible forests and mountains. Some of the prettiest country in the world is within reach of my home. And I do have something of a support system here, as evidenced by all the help I received when my car finally bit the dust last month. So I’ve decided to dig here. I know this land and the people.

But that only covers part of the story. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I want to own my own land. Not much –an acre or two. I want to run an organic intensive farm and grow most of my own food as well. Give me my small piece of land and I can make it bloom. I feel like I am running out of time to make this happen as the economic crisis deepens and the world spins into collapse. I have the feeling that this year and possibly next are going to be the last years anything works ‘normally’. I can buy an acre or two here for between 5 and 8k –not pocket change, but not out of reach either. That’s good land, too. The question is, how can I get that money? My current house isn’t likely to sell anytime soon, given the economy, and I am having trouble maintaining my current state as things are. Any month things could slip. A mortgage for the plot of land isn’t an option, given my income. I could come up with a thousand, but not much more.

So I’m asking for advice and suggestions. All help is appreciated.

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