Monday, December 22, 2008

My car died this morning

My car died this morning. In a flurry of smoke and sparks. I mean it is D-E-A-D, dead. Stick a fork in it. All it needs is a few shotgun holes in the side to complete the effect, which, if I was in the country, it would probably have at this point. (Discharging a gun within the city limits is illegal, which is stupid. If it’s my car and my gun, f*** off as far as I’m concerned.) It’s an old Oldsmobile, 18 with 110,000 miles on it. My last American car was a Ford and it too died at 18 with about the same number of miles on it. This is why I hate American cars: they are pieces of sh*t. I know at least thirty people with Japanese cars older than this one and at least twice the miles which are still running fine. I know one girl who has one (a Toyota I think, but I’m not sure) with over 400,000 miles on it and all she’s replaced is the transmission.

Oh, I could fix the car. But replacing the transmission alone would be a minimum of $1500 bucks and it has other problems. Like the massive oil leak, the bad shocks, the non-working heat, ac and defroster, and most of the electronics. The car is d-e-a-d. Now I have to figure out how to get to work this week…


Anonymous Grey said...

Yes, most times the Jap cars are much better. Our Toyota has 150K miles on it, not a single problem yet (knock on wood). My dear old Cherokee though - a 1994 - has 250K on it - most major thing was the rear main seal about 4 years ago. It's one of the last made in the old AMC plant before Chrysler took over. American cars were good once.

12/23/2008 7:00 PM  
Anonymous Kathy "Peak Shrink" McMahon said...

A dead car. Arrggh.

We're needing to turn our car back into creditors, as it is owned by our business that's gone belly-up.

We find ourselves actually contemplating renting one when we need it, because we both work at home, for the most part.

Mostly, I'm terrified that any car I get (that we can afford) will break down and cost huge sums to repair. And, being very dumb about car repair, I'm quite gun shy. A $1500 repair is a nightmare for me to consider...

12/28/2008 11:24 PM  

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